Digby Systems CPR-Guy CPR and First Aid Training Digby Systems' CPR-Guy CPR and First Aid Training
Digby Systems CPR-Guy CPR and First Aid Training
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All Digby Systems' CPR-Guy, Inc. documents are 2000-2017. Permission is granted for single copy printing and use by individuals.

Permission is NOT granted for the reproduction of multiple copies or inclusion in any compilation, in any format, for resale or promotional purposes without the express written permission of Digby Systems, Inc., The CPR-Guy.

In all cases, documents shall remain unchanged with all attributions to remain intact.

Note that these are GUIDELINES - always follow the direction of your Medical Director, Safety Manager, or Program Coordinator to remain compliant with your organization's specific requirements.

EMT Protocols/Training Guides:

Power Point Presentations

EMS Scenarios (OLD) (approx 40K-48K ea)

NOTE:  Check PRINTED COPIES:  While the screen display copy is letter perfect, occasionally, printed PDF copies appear to drop letters  :-(

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